Digital transformation is changing the way manufacturers serve their customers. By leveraging advanced technologies and connected solutions, manufacturers are improving efficiencies, processes and overall performance. This means closer collaboration with customers to support the design and development of their next generation products.

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Manufacturers face a multi-faceted group of individuals who can influence the buying decision: initiators, influencers, decision-makers, and buyers. Each one has different goals, responsibilities, preferences for communication – and what matters to them. Navigating how to reach each one is not easy. We understand these nuances and how to construct the right marketing programs to reach the right audience throughout their influencer journey. Whether you need a strategic marketing plan, program or campaign development, content strategy and audit or global PR program – we can help your message get to the right individuals to improve sales and loyalty.

Expertise: Digital transformation, connectivity, 5G, data center, connected health, connected technology, remote services, product identification technology, product information tracking, marking and coding technology

Industries: Medical technologies, coding/labeling technologies, automotive, commercial vehicle, industrial automation, consumer electronics and retail technology, networking, telecommunications, banking technologies, industrial printing

Experience: 25+ years

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Gain unbiased, real-world insight into market shifts, your customers’ and your competitors.

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We created a roadmap for the development of industry-specific content on a quarterly basis to support external marketing efforts and internal sales.

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