Weekly Sales Enablement Industry Email


About the Project

Each week we recommend third-party content and internal resources that align with the organization’s top themes and priorities.

We distribute the information through a newsletter that is sent to all sellers on behalf of the marketing team.

We leverage open rates, click-through rates and seller feedback to measure engagement, set a baseline, influence continuous improvement and determine opportunities to evolve the program.

Client: Anonymous
Industry: Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Nonprofits, Retail, Small Business & Startups, Supply Chain & Transportation/Logistics, Technology


  • Provide a vehicle for marketing to better communicate with sellers and support their conversations with customers and prospects
  • Capitalize on limited time and captive attention from busy sellers


  • 21 short, weekly personalized newsletters that feature both third party and client-developed articles
  • Consistent seller engagement rates and industry trend sharing directly with customers and via social media

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