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Whether a game-changing medical technology or a new way to manage finances, entrepreneurs put it all on the line when launching a business and face tremendous pressure to succeed. A strategic marketing partner can help you demonstrate the credibility and relevance necessary to achieve financial and growth objectives.

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In a startup’s early stages, limited resources usually translate to product development – i.e., potential revenue source. Since startups are rarely 100% self-funded, securing direct investments or venture firm support is critical. This is where we come in. Marketing plays an important role to meet early objectives, like securing Series funding, launching a new product or finding the right people and partnerships to support growth. A strategic partner should be an extension of the leadership team – from strategic plan development to execution – and can make a tremendous impact on the success of a young company.

Expertise: Startup technologies, services, products, Series funding, financial industry engagement, pitch decks

Industries: Technology, healthcare, medical technologies and biotech, EMR/EHR, RPM, telehealth, automotive, commercial vehicle, industrial automation, consumer electronics and retail tech, networking, telecommunications, banking technologies

Experience: 25+ years

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