Pressure on technology companies to stay ahead of the curve is intense. The industry is competitive and dynamic, as technology drives significant business impact — meaning today’s technology buyer journey is more complicated and unique than ever. How is your organization responding?

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From supporting fluctuating customer needs to standing out amidst the competition, your technology company must provide buyers, influencers and end users the right information to make a complicated purchase decision over a long, complex sales cycle.

To connect with customers, it’s crucial that you understand their unique needs across key roles. Need better, relevant messaging that taps into the latest technology trends? Want a smarter integrated strategy that will reach your buyers at the right time with the perfect information? Need to better connect marketing and sales? We’re relentless at elevating our clients’ position in the market and supporting long-term success.

Expertise: Software, hardware, IT services and VARs, evolving market dynamics, emerging tech, health IT, fintech, retail tech; the technology buyer journey, decision-maker and influencer audiences, customer experience trends

Industries: Software providers, hardware manufacturers, telco. technology solutions provider, software-as-service provider, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics

Experience: 25 years

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We audited all existing content on the website, broken out by content type (ebooks, webinars, case studies, blogs, etc.) and categorized it by recommended action.

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