Video Marketing or BUST!? Why it’s a Must Have for Your Digital Marketing Strategy!


As I sat down to think about the impact video has made on marketing, the song “Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Buggles came on Spotify. Not. Kidding. While video hasn’t killed us marketers, the evolving digital landscape has certainly forced us to redesign our strategy. From deciphering what content to leverage to thoughtfully determining frequency and platform, all these factors significantly impact how marketers deliver content in order to stay relevant and profitable.

Video marketing continues to be instrumental in driving brand awareness, better connecting with your customers and authentically telling your company’s story. And, it’s likely top priority in your marketing strategy. Hubspot reports that 87% of online marketers are already incorporating video marketing into their strategies. So, let’s dig deeper!

The State of Video Marketing Today and Into the Future

Where is Video Marketing Going in 2019 and Beyond [Infographic]: Given video marketing is the focus here, it makes sense to showcase where it’s going with a sweet visual. And, who doesn’t love a good infographic? As marketers, we aren’t fooled by the latest trend – we know to deep dive and ask critical questions to understand how much weight to put behind a trend. So how does video marketing stand up?

5 Reasons Why You Need Video in Your Marketing Strategy (With the Stats to Prove It): If your company isn’t leveraging video in your digital marketing strategy you are risking your competitive advantage. It is not a case of “IF,” but “MUST!”

Significance of Video Marketing for Businesses: A whopping 91% of firms implementing video marketing say it’s a significant part of their strategy according to a recent study by Wyzowl. That’s because it’s beginning to drive a lot of key business objectives.

How Long Should Your Videos Be? Ideal Lengths for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube [Infographic]: Consumers lack patience and want seamless, instant gratification. It’s crucial for marketers to keep this in mind as they tailor content for fleeting attention spans.

Are you looking to leverage video in your marketing strategy, but stumped on how to take it to the next level? We’d love to share best practices and have the opportunity to showcase your digital story. Leave us a comment below or reach out to us via our one of social media channels. You can find us on TwitterLinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook! You can also catch up on all things marketing here.


Erin McMahon



Author: Erin McMahon, Senior Account Manager


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