2023 Outlook Marketing Agency Update


We hope you’re all staying warm and healthy (easier said than done these days) and that you are finding many bright moments as we begin 2023. As you may know, 2022 was a year full of evolution, excitement, challenges, hard work, growth and change for us—so let’s dive in to an Outlook Marketing update.

First, a Thank You to Our Team and Clients

First and foremost, we want to thank our outstanding employees. They are hardworking, creative, funny, strategic, loyal and highly collaborative leaders. They consistently bring their best to help our clients and Outlook succeed. We are forever grateful to them, are nothing without them and are better because of them. Thank you. 

We also want to thank our clients. You motivate us to take Outlook to new heights, and these deep-rooted partnerships are what we believe make us great. We’ve listened and learned from our clients over the years and continually evolve to meet your needs, and based on your input. That means knowing the ins-and-outs of your business and ensuring that we deliver the best counsel, services and results that align with your unique business needs.

2022 Work Highlights

We are very proud of our 2022 client work. The highlights include:

When we began our journey as Outlook leadership in April 2021, we had a vision: to grow, learn, evolve and foster meaningful relationships. As we share 2023 Outlook Marketing updates, we feel so grateful for this opportunity and for the privilege of being able to work with all of you. Every day, and in every way, we’re striving to excel, and we’re excited about the future together.

Our Culture and Core Values: Outlook Marketing 2023 and Beyond

Our clients tell us that what sets us apart from the competition is our deep commitment to their industry and their success, our agility as a service provider and our strategic thinking. As we dive into 2023, we want to shine a light on our core values and our vision for Outlook now and into the future.

  • Focus on the Results + Make a Difference Every Day: As an organization, we love tough problems and new challenges. Where does this can-do attitude lead us? Delivering outstanding client results.
  • Continually Invest in our Clients and Team through Deep Industry Learnings: We know that in order to deliver the best service we have to strive to be as smart as you are about your business and your industry. From the broad economic impact of the global supply chain to COVID on medical device innovation and patient health, we continually educate ourselves and share that knowledge with you. 
  • Team on a Mission: Above all, we’re one team. We’re committed to helping our clients and each other by working together with equal parts humility and ambition. We also believe in the power of the communities we create and serve and in giving back.
  • Operate with Transparency and Accountability: Challenges can lift us to new heights if we work through them together. We own our successes and our missteps and we push each other to be better. We welcome new ideas and opinions, especially if they challenge our thinking. 
  • Embrace Self-Improvement and Growth: We’re always looking to challenge ourselves individually. This, in turn, helps us keep improving as a team. That’s why we embrace a culture of innovation and continuous improvement and constantly seek personal and professional growth.

What Does That Mean For Our Clients and Your Business?

What do we focus on each and every day when serving our clients?

  1. Delivering results to senior leadership. A clear focus on new customer growth, customer retention and initiatives that drive revenue and ROI.
  1. Strategy and execution. An integrated marketing purview, with niche channel knowledge and meticulous execution.
  2. Investing in customer insights that help drive revenue. A deep understanding of your industry, customer makeup and their buyer journey.
  3. Knowing what you’re up against. From organizational silos to the pressure to do more with less, we understand your challenges, and love finding creative solutions.
  4. Being your dedicated long-term partner. Our best work happens when we are seamlessly collaborating with you and your team. We’ll be right there beside you to make it happen.

Looking Ahead: 2023 Marketing Needs

Today’s B2B business environment presents marketers with unique challenges—and those challenges demand thoughtful and creative solutions. We treat every client with personalized attention and pride ourselves on exceeding expectations at every opportunity.

Have any questions about the above or want to connect with the leadership team about Outlook Marketing updates? Please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] or Christa, Stephanie or Audrey individually.

Have marketing questions or need support? Reach out to us here, we’d love to talk. Whether you have a specific project or initiative or you’re working through a tricky marketing or business challenge, we can help you strategize, execute, troubleshoot

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Cheers to the new year and more great things to come!

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