Public Relations

Public Relations

Our seasoned media relations team knows the value of positive press and influencer coverage.

We invest the time to truly understand all aspects of your business, and the local, national and trade reporters, bloggers and analysts who cover the topics that matter to your audience. We take an ‘issues-based’ approach to link your company, solutions and experts with current market issues to help you gain greater market visibility, increase brand awareness and position your team as a go-to source.

Integrated PR That Drives Results

The best public relations efforts are those effectively integrated with your marketing program as a whole. After ensuring the right message is heard by the right media and digital outlets, we’ll help you leverage positive media coverage across your channel, content development and sales enablement activities — as well as help you better inform and support your event and social media strategies with public relations alignment.

Are you launching a new product, struggling to differentiate your business in a competitive industry or simply ready for a solution refresh? Here’s how we can help:

We know what reporters want:

Reporters aren’t always the easiest bunch to pitch a story to, but we’ll make sure your story is teed up for success.

We know how to package up content the right way:

Packaging up the story is a must. It’s up to us to deliver educated sources who know your business’s story and are ready to talk. We’ll also help offer data and influencer/SME sources.

We know how to improve the odds of your pitch getting noticed:

We’ll help you bring your best stuff, do our homework and make the pitch compelling.

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For both niche objective/audience and integrated programs, we bring customer insights, cross-channel smarts and an understanding of your challenges.

Client Results

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