TMI: What’s the Marketing ROI of Search and SEO?


Search and search engine optimization (SEO) have become an important part of a successful marketing plan. And building a solid SEO foundation takes time and dedication. The marketing objectives or audience you’re trying to reach will help determine what best practices you should use. Dive into these five articles to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and statistics to get the most out of your search strategy!

  • 80 SEO & SEM Statistics That Prove the Power of Search: When it comes to getting found online, there is no better medium than search. Since the creation of search engines, SEO has been a powerful strategy to ensure that your brand gets noticed by the right user, at the right time.
  • Gartner: Only 10% Of Brands Take Full Advantage of Search: Investments in paid media rose from 23% of the total marketing budget in 2018 to 25% in 2019, according to The Annual CMO Spend Survey 2019-2020 from Gartner, but the study finds only 10% of companies are maximizing opportunities from search.
  • Seven Simple (and Free) Keyword Research Tools Every Marketer Should Try: Without a doubt, one of the most (if not the most) crucial SEO activities is keyword research — specifically, identifying the right keywords. But keyword research can take a lot of time and effort, especially when done manually. To optimize the process, arm yourself with powerful keyword research tools.
  • Organic Search Responsible for 53% of all Site Traffic, Paid 15%: Despite the rise of zero-click results, a new study from BrightEdge says organic and paid search still deliver far more traffic to websites than other channels, including social and display advertising. The company found that paid and organic search are responsible for 68% of all trackable website traffic.
  • How to Do a Helpful SEO Audit in a Few Hours: You write to rank. But how often do you pause to see how your SEO-focused content is performing? A glance at the first page of Google won’t cut it. A simple SEO audit can provide a better understanding of the positives and adverse aspects of your site’s pages in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

There’s no doubt that search and SEO will continue to play an important and on-going role in a successful integrated marketing plan. What do you think is the most important contributor to a successful search program? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook!

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Author: Jason Wilson, Account Associate, Outlook Marketing Services


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