TMI: How to Drive Content Marketing Success


Content marketing has become one of the most popular aspects of B2B marketing. And for good reason—it can be an extremely effective way to build brand awareness, generate leads and give customer retention a boost. Simply pushing out content doesn’t mean you have a sound strategy or are driving content marketing success with the results you want. For this month’s Top Marketing Info (TMI) roundup, we’re sharing tips on how to set yourself up for content marketing success. Learn more about creating impactful content and effectively measuring its performance.

6 Ways to Use Search Trend Data to Ideate & Create New Content

COVID-19 may have derailed your content marketing plans for the year, but don’t give up yet. Although your strategies and keyword research may no longer be relevant to the current market, there’s still room to adapt. Use the changing search trends of the pandemic age to ideate and execute on new content.

16 Things to Avoid When Doing Content Marketing

The internet is full of tips and advice on what to do when developing a content marketing strategy. Knowing what not to do is equally important to ensure success. Here are 16 things marketers should definitely avoid.

Content Ideation: The Methods and Tools Necessary for Content Marketing Success

As companies continue to produce more and more content, it’s becoming harder to stand out. That means coming up with unique and relevant content ideas. Plus, content that ranks well and garners clicks is more crucial than ever.

Are You Posting Good Content? Find Out With These 16 Quality Assessment Methods

When it comes to content marketing, quality trumps quantity. But how does a business determine if its content is good enough to inform, educate and engage its customers? Marketing experts share their own experience with content quality assessment.

What Are the Most Important KPIs for Content Marketing?

Then amount of data available to marketers today can be overwhelming. You can combat analysis paralysis by identifying the right metrics. Learn how to use KPIs to measure the success of your content marketing campaign and improve on it.

Content marketing will continue to be a key part of any successful marketing strategy. Businesses must focus on developing quality content that resonates with their target audiences, stands out from the competition and delivers the ROI they desire.

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Author: Stephen Dye, Account Director, Outlook Marketing Services


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