TMI: Changing Up Integrated Marketing Channels


The autumnal season has arrived. Pumpkin spice anything? Cozy sweaters? Yes, please! A new season can bring all sorts of change. In business, a new season can mark a start or end to a project or be the time for something brand new. With 2020 solidly approaching, our clients are simultaneously testing marketing initiatives and channels while ramping up or launching Q1 2020 activities. If you’re looking for some inspiration for the rest of this year or to help with 2020 planning, you’re in the right place. From SEO and podcasts to email marketing and social media, we’ve pulled together some of the latest top marketing information pieces that can help you finish this year strong and plan effectively for next.

Let’s get to it!

19 B2B Marketing Strategies That Are Still Important for 2019: How are B2B marketers planning, executing and budgeting their marketing programs? Marketing Insider Group recently aggregated the data to outline the most successful approaches, from new tactics and team members to greater relevance and ROI.

SEO Isn’t an Exact Science… Here’s What Marketers Can Do About That: Marketers usually discuss SEO performance based on channel KPIs, like keyword rankings and internal and external links. But in order to drive true value, start looking at those that map to overall goals. To help you hit the ground running, here’s a bonus link: The Ultimate SEO Checklist Infographic! 

How to Use Podcasting to Help Your Brand: With almost a third of Americans 12 and older downloading or streaming a minimum of one podcast per month, is it smart to leave this tactic off the table? If your company is looking for a unique and powerful branding tool that can broaden perception, extend key messages and build innovative partnerships, podcasting might just be the right fit.

11 Powerful Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know: Email marketing is not dead BUT even a strong email program can benefit from a few tweaks and best practice updates. Dig into these 11 easy to understand and implement email tips that you can start using today. Learn about new A/B testing ideas, why the preheader matters in an email and why a double open strategy can boost your open rates and email marketing ROI.

Social Media Marketing Can Be Useful, But Not at the Expense of Personal Interactions: While social media marketing has matured over time, it’s constantly changing and it’s up to us marketers to understand the changes while ensuring followers feel valued. By implementing smart strategies that incorporate personal touches, companies can build on cultivating loyal fans and customers for life. 

What are some of the marketing channels that are top-of-mind for you right now and as we head into 2020? Leave us a comment or reach out on social with your thoughts!





Author: The OMS Social Team 


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