Catch-Up With OMS: Summer Client Highlights


As pumpkin spice latte (PSL) everything arrives in Chicago and we move into the 4th quarter of 2019, the OMS team remains busy supporting our clients’ evolving content marketing and PR needs! Read on to learn how we created the content assets for a client moving into a new vertical segment, conducted media outreach for a new product offering and did an in-depth buyer’s journey recommendation for another client’s overall marketing program.

Brother Introduces New Labeling Series to Meet Changing Supply Chain Demand
Client: Brother Mobile Solutions
Recently, our client Brother Mobile Solutions (BMS) moved full steam into a new vertical – the warehouse and supply chain market. To support the launch, Outlook worked closely with BMS’ marketing team to create launch messaging, as well as the development of content strategy and a foundational white paper: ‘Accelerating Warehouse Success”a cornerstone of the program. The white paper was used in outbound email campaigns and is also available as gated content on the BMS website.

The content was leveraged further with editorial outreach that resulted in numerous bylined article placements in leading industry publications in the logistics, supply chain and retail space. To build media interest, an introductory press release “Brother Unveils New Labeling Series to Meet Supply Chain Demand” was created along with several videos created by the BMS team to drive engagement. Subsequent press releases announcing additional products in the series, new partnerships and bundled services are planned to keep the launch momentum going throughout 2019!

Buyer Journey Assessment & Mapping Lay the Foundation for Integrated Marketing Program
Client: TZA
TZA sought to develop a strategic marketing plan that aligned with the unique needs of its customers. As part of the process, OMS interviewed all key TZA team members in order to fully understand the company’s unique buying journey. Harnessing these insights, we created a multi-stage journey map and detailed guide that defined TZA’s optimal buyer’s journey for both the marketing and sales teams. This included critical marketing touchpoints and content, marketing to sales lead hand-off, and important sales enablement activities and timing. These recommendations are currently being leveraged to develop new content and integrated campaigns moving forward.

Labelmaster Expands Obexion Lithium Battery Packaging Product Line
Client: Labelmaster
The fire risk associated with lithium batteries means they’re highly regulated, making safe and compliant shipping even more time-consuming and complex. To address this, in 2017 Labelmaster released its Obexion protective packaging engineered to mitigate the risk of fires from lithium batteries (and devices with them). To further promote safety and compliance, Labelmaster expanded this product line in June 2019 to offer a full range of packaging solutions tailored to address the needs of different industries.

OMS helped promote this expansion by developing and distributing a press release, and by securing significant media coverage in local, national and trade press, including DC Velocity, Supply Chain Quarterly and Retail Dive. OMS worked closely with the client to ensure the messages communicated in the announcement aligned with those in Labelmaster’s recent thought leadership articles on lithium battery transport, which ran in Battery Power Online, Industry Today and Hazardous Cargo Bulletin.

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Author: Heidi Murphy Senior Account Manager


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