Artificial Intelligence – How It’s Improving Business and Life


Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to gain real traction across industry applications, business processes and government operations, while simultaneously changing how people work and live. Although AI has been around for a long time, it has had obstacles along the way. For example, people were (and maybe still are) afraid to give up decision-making influences to a computer, or even to allow the computer (a machine) to drive automation for traditionally “people tasks.”

But today there is a wide range of artificial intelligence in use. Take a peek at where it’s having a big impact.

Majority of Promising AI Startups Are Still Based in the U.S.

According to CB Insights, there are roughly 5000 artificial intelligence startups around the world and 65% are based in the US. (Note: Some have dual headquarters in China or other countries.) The most promising U.S.-based AI startups work is in the fields of healthcare, retail and transportation.

What is AIOps? Injecting Intelligence into IT Operations

AI-powered IT operations technology allows companies to monitor and manage the IT portfolio automatically. With cloud platforms, managed service providers and digital transformation initiatives, organizations are beginning to reap the benefits of applying AIOps. The potential positive impact? To name a few: heading off downtime/performance issues, better customer experiences and bottom line financial benefits.

Biotech Companies Tap AI to Speed Path to Coronavirus Treatments

In today’s environment, artificial intelligence could help accelerate time to clinical trials of new drugs in months instead of more than a year. How? AI can be used to help quickly spot patterns and predictions about drug prospects to test in humans.  The result will be critical time savings, especially when battling a new virus.

Preparing for Loyalty’s Next Frontier: Ecosystems

Customer loyalty programs don’t succeed without behavioral insights through rich data. Additionally, companies have to pull data from multiple systems and then use technology to assess a complete picture of the success of loyalty programs across the customer lifecycle. These programs require technology insights, like through AI, to “keep, eliminate or modify” in order to significantly grow company revenue and retain customer satisfaction.

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Author: Jeff Rappaport, CEO, Outlook Marketing Services


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