2021 Marketing Plans: Key Considerations for Marketers

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We’re in our final push of the year and the desire for a steady finish is palpable as we look ahead to 2021 marketing plans. 2020 has been a test of just how resilient a marketing team can be. From budgeting adjustments (and readjustments) to adapting to virtual events and learning new skills, we’ve got you covered for finishing the year strong and being prepared for whatever 2021 will bring.

ANA: Content Marketing Budgets Jumped Before Pandemic

A survey from the Association of National Advertisers and The Content Council show that marketers increased their content marketing spend in 2019 by 73%. And they project that spending to increase as part of 2021 marketing plans. While there is often a struggle to find value and measurable ROI, respondents clearly want documented strategies. They also know content marketing brings value to the overall campaign. What’s more, our team is more than happy to discuss deploying a strategy for you. 

Despite Budget Cuts, CMOs Still Bullish on Marketing Automation Investments

While overall martech spend may be on the decline, spend on marketing automation platforms are on the rise. Based on Forrester’s mid-2021 recovery scenario, marketing organizations are focused on doing more (customer retention and customer experience) with less (reduced headcounts and budget cuts). And they’re achieving it by investing in marketing automation platforms and moving away from demand-side/data management platforms. Industry KPIs that take the lead? Conversion rate optimization, lead nurturing and customer retention.

6 Skill Sets Every B2B Marketing Team Should Have on Its Roster

Working remotely has allowed some marketers to sharpen or learn new skills in preparation for 2021 marketing plans. As a result, account based marketing (ABM) is on the rise. And with a majority of sellers relying on email and virtual methods, it’s key to joining marketing and sales together to reach maximum ROI. In order to make an ABM campaign successful, a savvy copywriter is just the beginning. Graphic design and UX designers become key players, too. In addition, project management, analytics, budgeting and operational efficiency are all key skills to ensure your campaign runs smoothly.

How to Successfully Pivot to Virtual Events

The pandemic has pushed companies to find new ways to connect “in person.” At the same time, large conference gatherings have shifted to the virtual event world. In this podcast, Forrester analysts and Global Head of Events have a concise discussion of how to build a successful virtual event. A recurring theme: Understand your goals and objectives to set the virtual stage for your conference or event. For additional great insights, check out Heidi Murphy’s recent blog, Your Tradeshow’s Canceled, Now What? She shares on a number of ideas for shifting in-person events virtual.

Where else will you or your organization look to sharpen or invest for your 2021 marketing plans? Drop us a line or message us directly on our social channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’d love to hear from you! Curious how some of our clients have been navigating this year’s marketing pivots? Then you should check out our recent client round-up blog on Marketing Post-COVID, it’s a great read!


Veronica Chaidez


Author: Veronica Chaidez


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