20 Fun Things You Didn’t Know About Suzette


This month, one of our long-time OMSers, Suzette kicks us off, sharing a few of her little known facts!

  1. In September, I’m starting my 19th year @ Outlook. Awesome ride! Great clients & colleagues.
  2. I share my birthday w/Bruce Springsteen. (September 23)
  3. I hate tradeshows in Orlando.
  4. My first kitty was a Siamese named ‘Ting’ (Ting-A-Ling).
  5. My dad and my brother were pilots – my dad flew Air Force jets; my brother commercial 737s.
  6. I flunked ballet in college, my first & last 8:00 am class.
  7. I will never figure out Excel, but my life has somehow moved forward.
  8. I like hardcover books, especially historical fiction.
  9. My husband & I had no business renting a car in Florence when we could not read the street signs in Italian.
  10. On the Italy note, I confess I had a panic attack while visiting the Sistine Chapel. Way too many people. No quick way out.
  11. Cities I love are: London, NYC & Rome.
  12. Treasured memory: my Mom playing Silver Bells on the piano.
  13. Not so treasured memory: When my daughter told me that she didn’t need to use her brakes when driving down the mountain from Vail. (Evidently, everyone who lives in Colorado already knows this).
  14. On several client occasions I have not been able to control my laughter when the boss uses certain acronyms.
  15. I actually hope the Cubs make the Wild Card.
  16. I won the Super Bowl & March Madness pools in the same year.
  17. I bought a stick-shift Jetta before I knew how to drive it. Learned very quickly.
  18. I will never again drive to Florida on Spring Break.
  19. I can’t fold a fitted sheet.
  20. I have many personas – my favorite are wife, mom & friend.

Did you learn anything new about Suzette? Curious about some of the other OMS team? Stay tuned for who’s up later this month, and in the meantime, check out our OMS 20 gallery in honor of 20 years!


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