In honor of our 20th anniversary in 2015, we are celebrating all year long – and here’s the second post in our “20 Things” series! Our own OMS Stephanie started at Outlook in February, and is here to entertain us with 20 things you may not know about her. Think you know Steph?  Think again!
  1. This month marks my one year anniversary at Outlook.
  2. I love to travel from beaches to cities but probably my most interesting trip has been volunteering in Ghana twice.
  3. Give me either pizza or french fries and I am happy. (The Chicago office can attest to my french fry Friday runs!)
  4. I LOVE Chicago. Last year I started a business called Chicago Untapped that does food/drink tour adventures in the city.
  5. I enjoy a well-made cocktail. (see above)
  6. I ran the Chicago Marathon in October 2014. Everything people say about it is true, good and bad!
  7. I am known to nerd out on business topics, earning me the fond reference #hahabusiness
  8. I grew up in the western suburbs but have lived in the city for the past 6 years.
  9. I own every Chelsea Lately book and used to watch her show religiously.
  10. I’ve done yoga off and on since college.
  11. I have a love/hate relationship with embracing technology.
  12. One of my favorite movies is Almost Famous.
  13. I have considered all of these other possible careers at some point in my life: nurse, doctor, writer, record label owner, dessert company owner, event planner
  14. I have been described as sarcastic and I would not disagree.
  15. My first job was as a barista at a local coffee shop. My second? Fannie May Candies.
  16. I probably own 30 scarves. I have a problem.
  17. I love capturing memories with photography but am not at all trained.
  18. I’m fascinated by history. For awhile I was delving into my own family’s on Ancestry.com.
  19. I love music and going to concerts.
  20. My favorite book is Wally Lamb’s I Know This Much is True.

What’s that you say?  You just can’t get enough of our charming and funny Outlook team? Well there’s much more great stuff to come – stay tuned!


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