20 Fun Things You Didn’t Know About Erin


It’s OMS Erin’s turn to share 20 facts about herself – and a great throwback photo! Check out the fun facts about her below:

  1. I’m about to take on my biggest role to date, motherhood. Baby McMahon is due to arrive February 2016.
  2. I met my husband while I was in Dublin, Ireland on a semester abroad. Yes, he has an adorable accent.
  3. I now often have to correct myself when I speak. For example, when I mean to say “trunk” I say “boot.” Or, “trash” is referenced as “rubbish.” And, I now know A LOT about European Football.
  4. I am an avid painter and have been painting most of my life.
  5. Growing up, my family was the second largest in town with six kids. I’m the youngest. There is never a dull moment!
  6. I can’t fall asleep without socks on – it’s strange.
  7. I’m always up for a comedy show! Laughter is the best sound.
  8. I am extremely passionate about live music and try to catch a performance as often as possible. And, when I can’t I ask my husband to play a few songs on his guitar for me.
  9. I’m an NPR junkie. A few of my favorite radio shows are Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, This American Life and Sound Opinions.
  10. Camping, hiking or just taking in the sights, I love being out in nature.
  11. I’d rather watch a documentary or movie over a T.V. show.
  12. I love board games! My husband and I often have a board game night between just us or host with friends.
  13. During the spring to summer months I play in an adult kickball league. It is so fun! This may change when baby arrives.
  14. I’ve never broken a bone, but I had reconstructive surgery on my right shoulder when I was 16. And, I don’t travel anywhere without my ace bandage since I have noodles for ankles. I once sprained both ankles a week apart from each other.
  15. I didn’t speak until I was 2 years old.
  16. Hurricane Katrina hit 23 days after I started an internship at CNN Chicago bureau. It was quite the time to be on the front lines of the media. During that same internship, I interviewed then Chicago Senator, now President, Barack Obama, on the topic of the bird flu.
  17. I am fascinated by Mobster history.
  18. I love to read anything and everything. I’m currently reading Disclaimer: A Novel. This is a pick for the book club I attend.
  19. My favorite drink is club soda with lime. 2nd favorite is a Bloody Mary – best one to date is from Mars Cheese Castle.
  20. I can’t whistle.

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