20 Fun Things You Didn’t Know About Audrey


Happy Autumn! To kick of the season, it’s OMS Audrey’s turn to share 20 facts about herself – and a fun (nerdy) photo! Read on to learn some fun tidbits about her.

  1. I hail from Wisconsin and put cheese on pretty much everything (Go Packers!).
  2. I used to barrel race for my high school equestrian team – and still enjoy riding my quarter horse, Bud.BUD
  3. I’ve worked at a number of international film festivals, including Sundance, Austin and Cannes (despite the fact that the only French word I know is allons-y, which I learned from watching Doctor Who).
  4. I dual-majored in English and Film in college, and have made some truly mediocre (if not all-out-bad) student films.
  5. My husband, Michael, is a mechanical engineer – he designs natural gas engines for on-highway fleets. And thank goodness he’s good at math, because I can barely calculate a correct tip on a bill.
  6. I’ve just recently been getting more into cooking and am finding out that I love it! I’m currently perfecting my carbonara and tiramisu recipes, and we make our own tomato sauce at home in one huge pot.
  7. I can rap the entirety of Will Smith’s “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.”
  8. I am a huge Notre Dame football fan – if you talk smack about my alma mater, you’re in for some trouble.
  9. My favorite films include The Lord of the Rings trilogy (which I vehemently count as one whole film), Hitchcock’s Notorious, and William Wyler’s Roman Holiday – because Audrey Hepburn as the princess of an unnamed country is really the only thing I aspire to be.
  10. On that note, I will definitely be attending the midnight premier of the newest installment of Star Wars, and I’m ridiculously excited about it.
  11. I’m also a major TV nerd. If I’m cleaning the house, working out, or just generally existing, there will definitely be Netflix playing in the background.
  12. I’m Catholic and got married at the basilica at Notre Dame – quite recently, in fact!
  13. I am always reading everything and anything I can get my hands on. Recent favorites include Rules of Civility, All the Light We Cannot See, anything by Kurt Vonnegut, and A Song of Ice and Fire (write faster, George, please!)
  14. I’m almost 6’ tall, and still love to wear high heels on occasion.
  15. I play both the clarinet and the piano (poorly nowadays, but I’d like to pick back up with piano lessons someday).
  16. In addition to classical music, I love EDM, and often can be found listening to some bass-heavy Trap music during the workday.
  17. I am decidedly a dog person, but don’t have one at the moment – someday soon though!
  18. I love to travel, and have spent a good amount of time in Italy and France.
  19. I play in a fantasy league for the Bachelor/Bachelorette TV shows (for actual money) and have even won a season.
  20. I love purple. Purple EVERYTHING. Clothes, shoes, phone case, wallet…you name it, I probably own it in purple.

Curious about some of the other OMS team? Stay tuned for who’s up later this month, and in the meantime, check out our OMS 20 gallery in honor of 20 years!


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