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Out with the old and in with the new! The weather is warming up, and it’s the perfect time to declutter and start fresh in preparation for summer. Regardless if you’re a B2B marketer or the head of an IT department, tidying up can seem like a daunting task. So to help, our latest TMI highlights some fresh tech and marketing tips to make sure you’ve hit every crevice in your professional spring cleaning efforts. From securing your digital footprint to improving mailing list hygiene – get rid of the wintertime blues and check out all of the articles below!

  • Get Started Spring Cleaning Your Digital Marketing Efforts: Spring is here, and it’s probably a good time to take a look at your website and all of your social media accounts to make sure they are performing optimally. It’s easy to get into a rut, but with a few tips, you can up your SEO ranking and ensure more clicks and conversions.
  • Tidy Up Your Digital Footprint with These 5 Simple Steps: Keeping track of multiple devices and digital accounts can be exhausting. Every piece of information shared online contributes to a user’s growing digital footprint which isn’t easily erased and can increase vulnerability to cyberattacks. Here are 5 steps to help with smart sharing.
  • Want to be a Better Marketer? Challenge Yourself to a Device Detox: Right now, we’re more connected than we’ve ever been. As marketers, this means we have more clutter to cut through. It’s no longer about an inbox full of unread messages – it’s about Facebook messages and texts from brands. But at what point is this an information overload?
  • 4 Ways to Clean Up Your Workspace: Protecting data security, privacy and the environment can be daunting, so IT staff often let end-of-life systems pile up. Take a look at these spring cleaning tips on how to help your IT offices dispose of old and unused equipment.
  • Improving Your Mailing List Hygiene: Even the best mailing list may have duplicate names, old and undeliverable addresses or contacts you may want to remove. By cleaning up the list, you can save a great deal of money. Use processes such as merge and purge to deliver better email success!
  • The 5 Best Ways to Freshen Up Your Tech: While you freshen up your home, don’t forget to freshen up your technology. From cleaning up your hard drive to reducing the amount of clutter in your inbox – take a look at all of these fresh tech tips.
  • How To Do A Content Audit – The Ultimate Checklist: When was the last time you performed a content audit? Can’t remember? You aren’t alone. Most content creators are so focused on creating new content that they forget to audit their existing content. Also, take a look here for additional OMS tips to clear out your content dust bunnies!

What marketing or technology reboot tips are part of your secrets to success to stay prepared and organized? Reach-out and let us know on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and include the hashtag #SpringCleaning18!

Author: Jason Wilson, Account Associate, Outlook Marketing Services



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