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We don’t know about you, but given the current state of affairs and almost constant barrage of breaking news headlines, we happily welcome shifting our attention to some lighter topics. In our latest TMI, let us direct you to some of the particularly insightful marketing technology headlines catching our eye and how this latest evolution of marketing tools can amplify your business needs. Dive in to the latest stories we’re reading below!

  • Marketing Technology Explained: Everything You Need Know
    From an e-mail marketing system like MailChimp to a social media marketing platform like Hootsuite, marketing technology is an integral piece of your marketing team’s toolbox. This article takes a deep dive into why it is important and how to apply it to your business to make an impact.
  • Marketing Technology May Never Consolidate (But That’s a Good Thing)
    The Marketing Technology, or “martech,” marketplace is more like a warehouse full of goods. Essentially, the new landscape of marketing technology distribution is a ‘long tail’ – a small number of major providers (e.g., Adobe, HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, etc.) and an array of niche innovators, vertical specialists and disruptive challengers, proving that the space has grown more than it has consolidated.
  • How Marketing Technology is Forever Recasting the CMO Role
    In a data driven world, CMOs are having to change their approach to marketing and embrace the new landscape of marketing technology to make a successful impact in their media planning strategy. When the CMO’s priorities were once focused on building trusted relationships with agencies and partners, marketing technology has now impacted that process. Being able to navigate through big data is the key to heading down a successful path with creativity coming in behind.
  • 6 Ways That IBM Watson is Changing Digital Marketing
    Did you know that the supercomputing service such as IBM’s Watson are changing the digital marketing landscape? Having a genius-as-a-service (remember that term) might be just what the marketing doctor ordered.
  • Maximize Your Investment in Marketing Technology
    Just like anything, technology can only do so much; it’s the team behind it that drives the success. With over 25% of marketers citing technical skill gaps, here is a structured approach to get your team up to speed and making the most of these new opportunities.

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Author: Erin McMahon, Senior Account Manager, Outlook Marketing Services


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