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TMI: Marketing Metrics Trends

It just keeps getting better when it comes to marketing metrics! And, as everyone in marketing knows: no matter how we currently measure our programs, there is always something new! This month’s TMI post looks at what’s trending on the topic.

5 Marketing Metrics That Don’t Mean What You Think They Do: In his Forbes post, John Hall tells us: “Your marketing efforts are essentially only as good as your ability to measure them…and part of assessing that performance is making sure you’re looking at the right metrics.” This post takes a fresh new look at common metrics such as: social shares, followers, brand awareness, time on site and site traffic.

Is Your Email Marketing Working?: When it comes to email campaigns, examining data, figures and analytics can tell you everything you need to know. Are your emails resonating? Who are your best customers? What could you do better? It’s important to not just focus on the ‘vanity metrics,’ but make sure you’re digging deep into the figures that really matter. According to analytics expert Darren Low, that’s a mix of click rates, open rates, conversion rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates and more. This is a ‘don’t miss’ article for email marketers everywhere!

The 10 Content Marketing Commandments for 2018: When it comes to content marketing, success is more elusive than ever. There’s not only more competition, there’s also more cynicism from audiences.  This article takes a lighthearted “10 Commandments” tone on content marketing in 2018. Examples include “Thou shall not engage in random acts of content,” “Thou shall not be a content coward,” and our favorite: “Thou shall not engage in false metrics.” Check out the article for more commandments!

10 Tips for Enhancing Your PR Metrics in 2018: Another year, another increase in demand for ROI. PR pros will face growing pressure in 2018 to prove how their activities contribute to their organization’s bottom line. This article cautions that “digital marketing teams could make substantial inroads into traditional PR’s turf if PR teams don’t offer relevant benchmarks. It’s important to track what matters most: conversations versus traditional metrics, share data and analysis with other departments and to mine social media data to paint a clear picture of PR’s ROI.”

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Author: Suzette Sexton, SVP, Outlook Marketing Services


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