TMI: Build a Social Program That Adds Real Value to Your Business


Social media has become a keystone of any successful marketing mix. The scope of established and emerging social platforms enable marketers to quickly and easily engage with both large and extremely targeted audiences. But there’s a big difference between simply having a social media program and having a strong, impactful one. Here are five recent articles to help make sure you’re using social media to the fullest.

  • 6 Emerging Trends in Social Media Marketing: 15% of online sales are generated via social links – a trend that‘s causing retailers to increase their social media marketing efforts. Here are six key areas that retailers can leverage for social success.
  • 7 Steps to Create a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy: Creating an effective social media marketing strategy is a lot like a game of chess: you strategically use your pieces (ad campaigns, web analytics, etc.) in order to reach the king (your target audience) and checkmate your competitors. Unfortunately, many marketers don’t use their assets correctly.
  • How Personal Stories From Employees Resonate on Social Media: Building a strong customer brand is more important than ever, and humanizing your brand by sharing the personal stories of your employees is one of the most effective strategies to achieve that goal. What are the best ways to get your employees involved?
  • 13 Tips To Help Businesses Boost Sales Conversions Through Social Media Marketing: With 40% of digital consumers using social media to research brands or products, more businesses have gone all-in on social media marketing. But slick campaigns with a large number of impressions don’t mean much unless it shows an ROI – i.e., sales conversions. Members of the Forbes Agency Council share their best strategies to help social media marketers boost the coveted conversion.

Social media marketing will continue to play an important role in a fruitful marketing strategy. What’s your best tip for fellow marketers? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter @OutlookMktgLinkedIn or Facebook – we’d love to hear from you!

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Author: Stephen Dye, Senior Account Manager, Outlook Marketing Services


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