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Spring Into May with Our Latest Client Round-Up!

April flowers not only bring May flowers, but also a great client round up of marketing content! Below is a sampling across our OMS client roster, showcasing some of the work that we’re most proud of this month. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Join the Legacy: Don’t Miss Shipper Symposium 2016!

Client: Transplace

Description: Transplace is hosting its 14th Shipper Symposium in May! As a preview to this great industry event, we created a fun-filled infographic with key stats about its history, as well as some interesting facts about this year’s location — sunny San Antonio! Follow @Transplace for live tweets and check out the Logistically Speaking blog for daily updates to catch all of the action.

Music and Technology are Improving Seniors’ Lives

Client: CDW Healthcare

Description: Recently, CDW Healthcare participated in the 2016 Aging in America Conference/Boomer Summit in Washington, D.C., with Ginna Baik facilitating a number of key panels on technology. This article, “Using Music and Technology to Improve Our Lives as We Age,” highlights exciting senior care technology insights shared from the session co-presented with SingFit. Check out the power of music as medicine!

Satisfying Consumer Appetite for Product Information and Transparency

Client: Gladson

Description: Gladson recently shared data results that further highlight the rise of health-related claims on product packaging. But what does the data mean for food and beverage manufacturers? This great bylined article draws another strong connection to the importance in providing detailed product information to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Be sure to keep an eye out on our blog for another round-up of client highlights next month. And if you’re interested in learning more about the projects we’ve featured here, please get in touch! You can send an email to info@outlookmarketingsrv.com or drop us a line via Twitter @OutlookMktgLinkedIn or Facebook.


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