Celebrating Women’s History Month and The Trailblazing Women in Our Lives 

Women's History Month March

Women’s History Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the contributions of women who have impacted our lives. The month-long observance serves as a reminder of the monumental role women have played in shaping society and culture, often in the face of discrimination and inequality. It is a time to reflect on the progress made and to recommit to the ongoing fight for gender equity. It’s also a great time to thank those that have paved the way for us.  

In honor of this month, the Outlook team shared stories about the women who inspire them and why.  

Women Who Inspire Us

“There are so many women who inspire me but those who matter most are the amazing women that are a part of my life.  My daughters inspire me every single day.  They are so kind, empathetic, creative, and smart.  Both are fearless in their thinking, refreshingly honest, and are not afraid to speak up for others.  My mother inspires me still. No one has more common sense and I continue to learn from her every day.  And the brilliant women I work with are truly an inspiration.  My partners, our team – each one collaborates effortlessly, lifts each other up (this matters most!), and encourages us all to do better and be better. I thank them all for being a part of my life as I am truly blessed.”

Christa Carroll

Christa Caroll, Managing Partner 

“Many women have inspired me over the years in the worlds of culture, sport, politics and business, but I keep coming back to my mom, Leslie McClintock. She was a struggling single mom during my early childhood, working secretarial jobs for low wages and grading papers for high school English classes well into the night to bring in extra money. We went through some tough years, but she always took care of me and my sister, and she worked her way up to become head of the grant-writing office in the county we lived in. In her time there, she wrote grants that created new HUD housing, expanded rural healthcare access, funded programs for victims of domestic violence, and much more. She also has an MFA in creative writing (she’s an excellent poet) and is proud that her three children (my baby brother came later, after she remarried) all have MFAs as well—my brother and I in creative writing and my sister in dance. She has been a steadfast champion of our creative pursuits and is one of the best manuscript reviewers I know. My mom has inspired me in more ways than I can count.”

Frank Sennett, Vice President

“When I was in college, I was very lucky to land an internship at a local marketing agency, co-owned by a woman. She immediately treated me like a member of her team and gave me projects with meaning, as opposed to busy work. It was my first foray into the world of marketing and public relations. She pushed me to contribute and speak up with ideas in meetings and on client work. When I graduated college and wanted to move to a new place, she encouraged me–giving me the confidence to shoot my shot at moving to a new city to look for a job. She helped me network and I eventually made a contact that led to a job but also made new friends along the way. Through all these moments she showed me the importance of creating a network wherever you go and what it means to hold space as a woman in the workplace. I’ve taken these lessons to heart in my career and have also tried to pay it forward to support other women in the workplace, no matter where they are in their careers.”

Molly Walsh, Senior Account Manager

“My grandma has always been incredibly inspirational to me. She was an incredible athlete and extremely intelligent – she never accepted anything than her best and instilled that passion and determination in her children and grandchildren. Her capacity for love, empathy and generosity is something that I strive for every day. But what I admire the most was her ability to see the humor in any situation and never sweat the small stuff, which has helped me both personally and professionally. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago, but she will always be someone I deeply admire and look up to.” 

Todd Loesch, Content Director  

“My niece, Olivia. She’s only 6, but in many ways is already the person I aspire to be. She’s fearless and willing to try anything without overthinking it or worrying about what other people will think. But most of all, she has the biggest heart of anyone you’ll ever meet. She’s never met a stranger and has such love, compassion and empathy for others despite being so young. Even her parents regularly ask themselves: how can I be more like Olivia today?”

Stephen Dye, Director

We’re Proud to Support Women

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Authored By: Megan Higdon, Senior Account Manager

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