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The Powerhouse Trifecta: Marketing, Sales and Public Relations

There are some things that just go better together, like peanut butter and jelly. Then there are things that go so beyond merely complementing each other that they almost can’t be without the other (like a Chicago Style hotdog and mustard). In some (non-food related) cases, it may be hard to see how certain things complete each other. For example, the relationship between marketing, PR and sales – each area can help the other to thrive, but this is often overlooked. In fact, this is a relationship that many companies frequently separate. But, through a series of strategies, an effective marketing communications team can work layer by layer to generate PR that drives sales while keeping the advertising dollars low. With quality marketing content, prospects and customers are reached at all levels. But how?

Marketing, Sales and PR: Making the Trifecta Work

Below are 5 steps to making the relationship between marketing, public relations and sales work together.

  • Awareness – Your brand is your identity. Your marketing team helps to build your presence, define your value proposition and tell your story through streamlining your overall brand message and empowering that message throughout your entire organization.
  • Credibility – Through quality thought leadership content, e.g. articles/blog posts, Q&As and press interviews, your business can be artfully and impactfully positioned as a leader in the industry. In result, your “street” cred in your target industry is established with your customers and prospects.
  • Community – Penetrating all available platforms to create quality engagement-based campaigns to reach your targeted audience is key. Due to this “digital trail” of community engagement, prospective customers will have critical insights into what your company can offer even before an initial conversation is had.
  • Collateral – It’s important to create assets that address industry problems and solutions, so that both potential and well-established customers have a clear path to understanding as to why your business is the right fit for their dollars. On this same note, don’t forget to keep engaging after the final sale!
  • Measurement – It is critical that both sales and marketing goals are tracked. When you have a clear path and actionable, measurable objectives laid out, you can productively evaluate your program and performance. Ask:
    • Does your sales team have all of the necessary marketing tools to make them dangerous?
    • How effective are these marketing tools?
    • How are you utilizing your resources?

Taking a step back to review and bring together marketing, public relations and sales will help align these key business goals.

We’d love to hear from you and show you how Outlook Marketing Services can help drive your sales!




Author: Erin McMahon, Senior Account Manager, Outlook Marketing Services


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