4 Words to Live and Work by: Tell Me Something Good


In a year of the wildest US Presidential election in recent history, and the potential of the Chicago Cubs reaching a World Series, we can most likely agree that we are living in a time that may defy common sense and creates a wee bit of anxiety.  So what does this have to do with “Tell Me Something Good (TMSG)?” TMSG was introduced to me by my mom.   I cherished the way she used TMSG at the start of conversation.  It set the tone for what we talked about, and was her way to get me to focus my attention on what matters.

So, here is my challenge to you.   When bombarded with negative views, turn it around and think of TMSG.  It may just change your perspective professionally and personally.  The following are some of my favorite TMSG categories centered on life and work.

  • Millennials at Work – According to Pew Research there are 69.2M US voters ranging in age from 18-35, and this group of people have now taken over the Baby Boomers in population. So are we almost done talking about millennials in generalities, their work habits, management styles, sense of entitlement, etc.? TMSG – All millennials are not created equal. Forget the stereotypes and labels about this group as there are millennials that are responsible, caring and have a passion for their work and can actually handle pressure and constructive criticism.   And, there are millennials that are in the workforce who do not require recognition for just doing their job.  Try TMSG in your next interaction with them.
  • Data, Data, Data – IBM Big Data and Analytics Hub cites 294B daily emails, 1B daily Google searches and trillions of sensors monitoring, connecting devices and ultimately, helping capture information. We hear about how all this data capture can invade privacy, and put individuals and organizations at risk. TMSG – Our world is going to be a better place with data. Individually, we will be better off with the smarter use of information. For example, embrace that your healthcare information is being collected and securely shared between all the people that matter in keeping you healthy. Understand that the more information clinicians have across all facets of your care, tests and family history; the more proactive you and the healthcare team are in keeping you feeling good. We also know that in some way our every digital interaction and spending patterns online are being tracked.  Scary? TMSG — The ultimate goal is for you to be catered to the way you define it – at home, family, financial, interests, leisure, etc.  Data turns into actionable information. Information translates to positive action.

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  • Attitude – In working with over 200 businesses in 21 years at Outlook, we know that a positive attitude is one key driver in the success of people and their organizations. Most business leaders that have a positive outlook create an environment that fosters creativity and new thinking. TMSG – The team members who possess a positive attitude seek solutions to problems, rather than letting negativity overtake the situation.
  • Social Platforms – Social is fused in our personal and business life. We hear about the pitfalls of social platforms such as misinformation from non-vetted sources, bullying and snap judgements based on a few words or picture taken out of context. However, these platforms make it easy to share new information, and remove barriers to connect with people all over the world based on relationships, interests and work.

Last, as great as social platforms have become, we still need face-to-face, voice-to-voice interactions to develop deep, trusting relationships.  So, social interaction or face-to-face communication? TMSG!

Thank you, Mom, for TMSG.  What is your TMSG list?   I would love to hear from you.






Jeff Rappaport is CEO and President of Outlook Marketing Services


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