If you know by now 2015 marks our 20th year in business. In support of this yearlong celebration is our regular “20 Fun Facts” blog series featuring an OMS team member. This month it’s Suzy’s turn to share 20 fun facts. She officially started with Outlook back in April 2004 and her comment on that is, “Oh my, what a long, strange, entertaining trip it’s been!” Read on to find out what you may or may not know about her.

  1. I’m expecting! Baby Smith is due to arrive August 17th.
  2. You may on occasion hear a southern accent. That’s because I was born and lived in Georgia until I was 10.
  3. I’ve been wearing contacts for 20 years.
  4. Dark purple is my favorite color.
  5. My husband, Pierick Smith, is the best sports artist alive and I help run his business. He really is very talented – check out his work here. #proudwife
  6. I’m teaching myself Portuguese through the Duo Lingo app.
  7. The beach is by far my favorite vacation destination. I love the ocean!
  8. I have a slight obsession with Post-It notes.
  9. I’ve broken 3 bones: my left arm, right foot and left pinkie.
  10. I love animals and fall into the cat person category. We have 2 indoor cats and 3 outdoor cats.
  11. I played volleyball in college at Valdosta State University and was named Female Athlete of the Year my senior year.
  12. I don’t like coffee so my morning go to beverage of choice is hot cocoa.
  13. I’ve taken a Second City writing class.
  14. Twitter is my favorite social media platform…Instagram is a close 2nd!
  15. I know how to milk a cow.
  16. Summer is my favorite season. Give me 80 degrees every day!
  17. I could live on little chocolate donuts (LCDs) and pizza.
  18. My Dad and I took a glass working class and made very cool paper weights.
  19. I daydream of being a stand-up comedian.
  20. My wedding rings have quite the history. My band belonged to my great-grandmother and my engagement ring belonged to my grandmother (both are from the maternal side of the family).

We hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more fun facts on Outlook team members to come. We look forward to celebrating our 20-year celebration with you!


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