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TMI: Top Marketing Info for 2019 Planning

The five marketing stories you need to read this week to help get you through the home stretch of your marketing planning season!

We’re thick into the holiday season right now. And for marketers, this time of year also means that they are right smack in the middle of their own planning season, too! So, what is the marketing-sphere dishing out this season to gear up for 2019? Read on for tips and considerations to keep in mind as you navigate the planning season. Cheers!

  • It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! (Marketing Planning Season…Really?): This recent blog post from our CEO, Jeff Rappaport, deserved a spot on our round-up thanks to its focus on the marketing budget planning season that is in full swing. Jeff discusses where CMOs stand on marketing spend and shares an outlook on how marketing technology is providing visibility into program performance and whether certain activities are worth another round of investment.
  • On the Verge: B2B Digital Commerce is at an Inflection Point: By 2020, the digital customer experience and digital sales channels will become the primary points of differentiation for B2B companies. This recent study found that most B2B marketers only feel on par with their competitors in what they deliver, and discusses how businesses need to consider the end to-end, multi-touchpoint digital experience. Likewise, B2B companies must move away from thinking digital is simply a commercial order entry channel and instead view it as a driver of omnichannel, end-to-end customer experiences.
  • 7 Content Marketing Trends You Need To Follow: If only you could set it and forget it! Content marketing is always changing. With more access to data and a better understanding of your buyers’ preferences, you may always be fine-tuning your approach to content marketing (even beyond planning season). Just remember: personalization is key and data is king.
  • 3 Outdated Influencer Marketing Practices to Leave in 2018: Given the popularity of social communication, influencer marketing is a more relevant consideration in marketing plans, and can be an effective way for brands to tap into specialized audiences. Learn from the mistakes brands have already made by taking into consideration these insights on outdated practices.
  • PR Metrics and Analytics: 10 Trends to Watch in 2019: Gathering data is fine, but deriving salient insights requires more than counting raw numbers. Consider these pressing realities and emerging approaches as you celebrate the New Year. Business managers must, “think like an anthropologist.” Focusing more on, “why,” or the content meaning and context, will provide better insights than data alone.

What marketing tips are you reading up on this week? Share your thoughts in the comments or via social media on our TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook pages – we’d love to hear from you! You can also catch up on all things marketing here.





Author: Veronica Chaidez, Account Manager, Outlook Marketing Services





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