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TMI: Turn Your Trade Show Off-Season Into Success

As the spring trade show season comes to a close, some organizations are taking a little time to recharge before the season is back in full swing come fall. And when it comes to a successful event strategy, we at Outlook understand the importance of going back to the drawing board to regroup and analyze what worked and what didn’t. Were your demos effective? Did you generate the right leads?  How did your marketing goals measure up?  To provide some summer guidance, our latest TMI shares resources to help you maximize and achieve your tradeshow goals before you hit the floor the again come September.

  • Trade Show Trends to Watch in 2018 – From what graphics to have in the booth to understanding visitor engagement; check out the trade show trends that are making an impact this year and could help you meet your sales and marketing goals.
  • You Have a Trade Show Marketing Strategy, Right? – You’re spending the money, but do you really have the right factors in place to make your trade show booth a success? Do you have a roadmap in place to set yourself apart from your fellow exhibitors and gain the appropriate results? You’ve put all the pieces in place, but it’s important to take note of the end goal. What is the effectiveness of all of your efforts?
  • They Have Come, Now Make it Worth Their While – You will want to make sure your booth and all of your company’s pre-show efforts pay off when the show starts. From booth messaging to giveaways, your materials should be selected to cater to your audience. For many booth visitors, their time is limited and they have a lot of booths to visit, so there are a couple of key tips to keep in mind. Make sure your talking points are delivered quickly and seamlessly. Have demos ready and visible. Keep your brand in mind when you select your giveaway.
  • Don’t Forget About the Post-Show Activities – Trade shows take a lot out of you, and it can be tempting to set them aside as soon as your booth is packed away. But it’s critical to keep the momentum going after the show – as some of your most important work happens then! When it’s time to put those leads to work, what step should you tackle first?

What trade show tips are part of your secrets to success to maximize your event efforts? Reach-out and let us know on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn and include the hashtag #getnoticed!



Author: Erin McMahon Senior Account Manager, Outlook Marketing Services


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